Tasting Room Portion Control

How much is a "taste" at a winery, supermarket stand, or wine festival?

How much should you pour for wine, and how much for spirits?

The answer is (or should be ) that a "taste" should be what you want it to be. That's why you see so many Posi-Pours in use at wineries, and at trade show booths sampling spirits, and at liquor store tastings, and at whiskey and wine festivals....anywhere that the intent is to give only a taste - not more, not less. Just enough to help the potential customer make a choice.

We suggest 1/2 to 1 ounce for wine, and 1/4 to 1/2 ounce for liquor. But remember - we have portion sizes from as small as 1/4 to as large as 2 ounces to choose from.

Happy Tasting!

Written by Bob Gough — March 15, 2017

What is a "Standard" drink? Medical definition of a standard drink.

So your doctor says, "no more than 2 drinks a day". What does that mean....is a beer one drink? 16 oz. or 12 oz.? Is an 8 ounce glass of wine a drink? How about 14 ounces? or 12?

How about spirits.....how much is "a drink"? 

Here's the answer according to the Cleveland Clinic Men's Health Advisor:

     "A standard drink equals 12 ounces of beer, 8 to 9 ounces of malt liquor, 5 ounces of wine, or 1-1/2 ounce of 80 proof distilled spirits."

Now you know!


Written by Bob Gough — November 10, 2016

8 ounce mini shaker mini cocktail mixer

Our 8 ounce mini cocktail mixer has always been a popular item for home use, and now we find a lot of bars prefer to class up their presentation by giving the customer his cocktail in the shaker. It always seems like a bigger cocktail when served in the shaker.

Written by Bob Gough — September 23, 2016

Juice Jet Pour Spout for Plastic Juice Bottles

Best way to pour juice from those large 64 oz. plastic juice bottles. Our Juice Jet does the trick - leak free and drip free. On sale in our store:


Written by Bob Gough — August 25, 2016

Economy Speed Pour Spout For Liquor

Our Economy Speed Pourer with collar pours faster than standard liquor pourers because it has a much larger spout diameter. Perfect for anyone looking for a super fast flow. Find it in our store by selecting "Free Flow Pourers", then click on "Economy Speed Pourer With Collar.

Priced right at $3.95 per dozen.

Written by Bob Gough — August 11, 2016

Cuervo 1800 Pour Spout Oversized Pour Spout for tequila

Of course we have a spout that fits the Cuervo 1800 bottle, and other large necked bottles as well. Free Flow or measuring - just order the Super Sized Amber Cork on any of our pour spouts. Leak free, long lasting, top quality.


Written by Bob Gough — June 28, 2016

Mason Jar Moonshine Pour Spout Lids

This the Moonshine Pour Spout we developed for Mason Jar liquor - all in the moonshine category. The Moonshine Spout is a free flow, leak free product that makes the mason jar bartender friendly. Easy to pour, spillage and leak free. Without the Moonshine Spout, pouring out of a Mason Jar without waste is impossible.

Written by Bob Gough — June 16, 2016

Portion Control for Tasting Rooms, Festivals, Consistent Cocktails

How much is a "taste"? That's what the owner needs to decide. A taste of what? Wine? Whiskey? Vodka? What's the venue? A winery Tasting Room? A spirits festival? All these  issues need to be addressed when deciding what a "taste" is.

Our Liquor Saver 2000 shown here is ideal for thicker necked wine bottles. It's good for standard quarts and liters of spirits as well. Portion sizes range from 1/4 oz. to 2 oz.

Written by Bob Gough — June 01, 2016

POSI-POUR™ Liquor portion control pourers - two models to choose from:

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