Should I seal my liquor bottles at night? How to seal liquor bottles overnight.

Lots of debate here - but the bottom line is that many health departments require sealed bottles when the bar is closed, and many bar owners feel it's the best way to avoid a fruit fly problem.

The easiest and least expensive way to do this is to use our Free Flow Pour 'N Seal spout. The cover is connected to the pourer so it's never lost, and it closes the bottle tightly

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Written by Bob Gough — July 18, 2017

Test Tube Shooters promo drinks add on sales

These Shooters are an easy add on sale. Each has a 3/4 ounce capacity, ideal for any number of drinks using 1/4 oz. of liquor and 1/2 oz. of flavor.

Best of all, the customer gets to keep the tube as a reminder of a good time!

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Don't forget the rack!

Written by Bob Gough — June 27, 2017

Shot Sizes. How many ounces in a shot. How much liquor in a drink.

Our shot sizes range from as small as 1/4 oz. to as large as 2 ounces. Which size you use is determined by your glassware. Standards differ by region and type of bar, but in general, an 8 oz. cocktail should have 1 oz. Larger glasses - larger shot sizes. 

That's why we make them all!

Written by Bob Gough — June 22, 2017

Disposable Bomber Shot Cups, DisposaBomb cups

Irish Car Bombs (no longer politically correct), Bomber Shots, Jaeger Bombs - no matter what you call them, these popular drinks are a mess to make. UNLESS, you have our disposable cups with the built in 3/4 oz. shot and 4 oz. surround.

Fast, simple, and accurate - this is the best way to build these drinks!

Written by Bob Gough — June 15, 2017

Beer Tap Plugs keep beer taps clean and bug free

These simple plugs keep your taps bug free during closed hours. Put them in at closing and pull them out when opening. No more wasting that first pour from the tap.

Every bar that pours draft beer should use these!


Written by Bob Gough — May 17, 2017

Tequila pour spouts leak free with oversized corks

It comes up every Cinco de Mayo - why do my tequila pour spouts leak?

Simple - most tequilas, like Cuervo 1800, Patron, Cabo Wabo, etc, come in bottles with larger than standard necks. They need an oversized cork pour spout to fit leak free.

Magnuson has 4 different cork sizes, all color coded. White for standard quarts & liters, Red oversized, Amber super sized, and Blue ultimate sized. With these 4 sizes, we can fit ALL your bottles leak free - even your tequilas!

Written by Bob Gough — May 02, 2017

Glass Rimmer for rimming glasses with salt for margaritas

This is still the best way to prep glasses for margaritas. One cavity for a wet sponge (some use water, some lime juice) one for salt, and one for sugar. Wet the glass rim, dip into salt or sugar, and your glass is ready to go.

The best thing about this rimmer is that it closes up for storage in your cooler, or behind the bar.

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Written by Bob Gough — April 26, 2017

Pourers that fit larger necked bottles without leaking

We remain the only pour spout line that has the four "cork" sizes shown here. That's important because of the variety of sizes in bottle necks among popular liquor brands. Leaky, messy, loose pour spouts on expensive liquor create waste, spillage, and usually overpour. Absloute, Tanqueray, Cuervo, Patron - and many, many more are some examples of bottles that standard size pour spouts will not fit.

One size DOES NOT fit all. 

Written by Bob Gough — April 05, 2017

POSI-POUR™ Liquor portion control pourers - two models to choose from:

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