Boost Profits With Portion Control
Pour the size you want to  pour without offending your customers. The Posi-Pour 2000™ delivers a measured shot every time, without spilling a drop. No guessing, "burned" drinks, under-pours or spillage waste.

The Posi-Pour 2000™ boosts profits and gives dependable bottle yields (usually four to six shots more per bottle than with conventional, non-measuring pourers).

Please Customers With Uniform Shots Without Being Offensive
Handsomely designed, the Posi-Pour 2000™ looks and acts like a standard pourer. No gadgetry or bulky construction. Fast 1/2-second recycle time. Customers don't suspect it's a measuring pourer.

Fast, Accurate, And Easy To Use
The speed and ease of operation of the Posi-Pour 2000™ is ideal for novice bartenders, professional bartenders and bar owners who want to give customers what they pay for - and still have bottle-top inventory control.

Simple, Trouble Free Design
Made of inert material not affected by acids, alcohol, detergent, etc. Clean and sanitary as glass. Requires only occasional soaking in hot detergent water. Simple gravity and vacuum design. Uses only two moving parts. The Posi-Pour 2000™ recycles in just 1/2 second.

Now Is The Time
There has never been a better time than today for liquor portion control. Constant price increases, higher liquor taxes and tougher drunk driving laws make it essential to stop overpouring now!

POSI-POUR™ Liquor portion control pourers - two models to choose from:

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